In today's world, developing our skills and techniques, while maintaining a positive mental attitude, is crucial if we wish to achieve success in any realm. To ensure we do not lack anything in our ongoing challenge to change to way we think, we need to remain dedicated and focused at all times.

Developing Creative Thoughts

In my training, Determine Your Creative Skills, I shed light on the four methods of creation. These include:

  • Simple Action – You take the first step, and then inch closer to your goal
  • Inspiration – You serve as inspiration so others may take suitable actions
  • Manifestation – You visualize what you want and achieve it
  • Serendipity – Desirable discoveries come your way by accident

Are you wondering why is creation so important. It’s for your mood meter, to control your emotions and attitude, and to ignite the fire you need every day.

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Five Steps of the Sale
In my course, The Five Steps of The Sale, I show you how to use your skills in taking prospects through a complete sales cycle, one that makes them want to close with you. The steps are:
  1. Conversation – This involves putting your prospects at ease and getting them to like you
  2. Curiosity – This involves creating curiosity in your prospects
  3. Conviction – Your conviction helps a buyer justify buying your proposal
  4. Desire – If steps one, two, and three have the desired effect, there is no need to create desire
  5. Closing – You make use of trial closes and know when to close

Understanding that there are specific steps to follow within a sale gives you, the presenter, easy means to do your part. Then, getting a prospect to buy-in becomes worth your while. After all, can you scale Mt. Everest in a single leap?

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High Producing Level - The Nuclear Mind Training
Having a high producing level in what you desire and do requires that you know who you are, what motivates you, and how you can remain motivated. The Nuclear Mind Training does just that for you, guiding you through steps that are required to create a nuclear mind.Our interval methods in converting your attitude toward your high producing levels entail carrying out an assessment that we create. Once completed, a custom training plan is formulated for you, one that fits your learning style and learning process. This ensures discipline to perform at the high level you so desire, while exposing you to your maximum growth.

The intervals begin at three days, and go up to a 31-day conditioning plan, where you have a daily interaction with your coach to ensure success in whatever you seek to achieve. These methods have had a great impact on people who have completed the program, and have given them the ability to sustain their motivation and drive.

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You need to have certain ingredients to create an exceptional prospecting plan. These include:

  • Selecting your market and area
  • Creating a marketing campaign
  • Launching your campaign
  • Farming your targeted area of choice

The techniques and ideas shared in our one-on-one trainings and workshops will open your eyes to a wide range of to-dos in generating prospects.

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We view your success as our success. In your journey through life, you may either be tested in situations or tempered through circumstances. Positive Mental Attitudes offers professional coaching that is personal and direct, and it changes the way you think.

Your perspective drives your reality –make it positive. Learn to think critically, create solutions, and adapt in a world where change is the only constant. Even in the darkest of tunnels, look forward and know that there is a light.

With our help, you can break through limitations, promote creativity, and fundamentally change the way in which you see the world, for the better. Maximize your professional potential with Positive Mental Attitudes.

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What Can You Learn from Professional Coaching?


We have a strategic conversation with you to understand where your business is today, where you want to take it, and what needs to change to get there.


Through assessments and surveys, we determine the alignment around the vision, and identify competency gaps that need to be closed.


Design interventions that support your strategic intent, provide measurable results, blend competency development with change, and align emotional intelligence with corporate initiatives.


You ingrain long-term attitude change and gain emotional and intellectual engagement with corporate motives to sustain your objectives.

I will persist until I Succeed! – Og Mandino